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Approved Training & Certification Center

Harper Restoration System courses take place regularly at various clinics throughout America. There are many advantages in requesting to become an “Approved Training & Certification Center”

  • FREE SEMINAR ACCESS — The host physician is eligible for free registration. Any associate doctors with the host physician must pay the regular three-day attendance fee. All assistants to doctors and nurses pay a reduced fee of $1,000 per person.
  • TREAT YOUR PATIENTS — You have an opportunity to consider some of your patient’s conditions and invite them to be treated for free, as part of the practical seminar training session. NOTE: Medical histories would require submission to O3 Medical Services, prior to approving individual patient participation.
  • EVERYTHING IS PROVIDED — We will provide the clinic with a list of supplies required for the 3-day seminar—the majority of which are provided by sponsors of Harper Restoration System — and all the promotional material to help market the seminar to fellow healthcare professionals in your area.