Why HRS?

Dennis Harper, DC, has developed comprehensive, hands-on training systems through years of research to come up with innovative ways to treat patients. What separates our training from the others offered is that our classes are 80% hands-on and the protocols were developed by Dr. Harper. Our objective is to make sure that every doctor is thoroughly trained and comfortable with all procedures. At the end of these classes, you will be ready to incorporate your new found skills in your clinic. We also provide you ongoing support and updates.

Dr. Harper is now introducing Biological Allograft Injections and IV’s. Along with research and terminology, you will learn about several different types of “stem cells” that are currently on the market, how they actually work, as well as the risks & benefits of these therapies. You will learn several different administration methods and when to use each, and how to implement these techniques into your existing practice. You want to see this!!