While Dr. Harper and I were in Phoenix recently I received a call from Tyler Rippy the VP of Sales for Results RNA. He was calling to inform me that they had recently received an inquiry from the FDA concerning the bottling of Nutraceuticals in sterile injectable vials. They were told that this would have to stop. As William Shakespeare noted in his play King Henry the Fourth part one “Discretion is the better part of valor.” Results RNA has discontinued bottling products in injectable vials.

Results RNA will be offering a “screw cap “option with the Regenalyn, Rheumexalyn, and ACG Glutathione products. I do not have any more details about exactly what this will look like, however, I would like to remind you that we had sterility testing done on these products long before they were bottled in sterile vials and they tested out as sterile. I would remind you also the each of these products contain varying amounts of ACS200 Silver which, with a 99.999% kill rate on MRSA, as well as many other bacteria ensure sterility.

At HRS we have been using the Results RNA products for the last 5 years without incident, and will continue to use and promote the Results RNA Products, as we consider them to be the safest, easiest and most highly effective products we have found to date.

If you have questions you may contact me at you may also call or text me at 208-827-6359. I will be happy to help in any way I can.

I spoke with Tyler Rippyand he has given me an update on the Rheumexalyn back orders. They have received the new labels and are ready to begin bottling and shipping.